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We are an established partner to the global executive search sector. Providing a robust search process including target company generation, candidate identification and mapping.  We engage with the best talent worldwide.

What we do

Our Service

Every project we undertake is different so our service is flexible and utilises our extensive knowledge and experience within executive search.  We act as an extension of your business and our focus is always to find the best person for each role we work on.  We have long term relationships with our clients and presenting your organisation and opportunity in the right way is key to our success.

Executive Research

After a full briefing on your search project. We identify and engage with the right people in the right organisations.  Our proven process maps out the talent landscape  using our extensive networks and a variety of desk based sources.  We gain knowledge on the motivations and experiences of potential candidates and provide you with the best longlist for your position.  


We know that our clients need to understand where talent is situated within their particular sector.  Our talent mapping process can help you see where your next generation of leaders are both in their current roles and in terms of their career aspirations.  We build market intelligence so you are able to succession plan or have a head start in future recruitment projects

Insight and Intelligence

Our in depth business intelligence studies can help you make informed decisions and support business planning.  For example renumeration and package compensation intelligence can help you with retention or enable you to stay one step ahead of your competition by having the ability to go to market with the right proposition for new talent.

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About Us

With over 20 years experience in running bespoke search and talent projects, we are a trusted research partner to recruiters globally.  Working across a variety of geographies and industry sectors, our comprehensive approach enables our clients to find the best people for their executive level roles.  We focus on senior executive and board level roles with an expertise in manufacturing, consumer and engineering.

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